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  • Evidence-Based and Trauma-Informed
  • Medi-Cal Certified
  • COA Accredited
  • Se Habla Español
  • Individual, Family and Group Programs
  • Mental Health Treatment Services
  • For Children and Youth Ages 2-21 and their families

Family-Driven Team Approaches

Prevention and Early Intervention (PEI)

PEI is a field-based service that is designed to engage children and youth prior to the development of serious mental illness and to alleviate the need for additional or extended mental health treatment. PEI uses culturally competent services driven by the needs of the children or youth and their families to promote wellness, recovery, and resilience.
Target Population are children and youth who have been exposed to trauma who:
  • Are experiencing the onset of serious mental illness 
  • Are at risk of school failure or juvenile justice involvement 
  • Are in stressed families 
  • Have been underserved
 Therapeutic Behavioral Services (TBS)
TBS is a field based service that is designed to help children and youth whose behavior is creating major problems for them in their homes, at school, or in the community to an extent that they are being considered for placement in a restrictive level residential facility, or are at risk of hospitalization at a psychiatric facility. TBS is an intensive, individualized one-to-one service, that helps child or youth replace problematic behaviors with more productive behaviors which may enable them to become more successful in their current environment.
Intensive Treatment Foster Care (ITFC)
Many seriously emotionally disturbed foster children and youth spend too many years in restrictive residential facilities. ITFC provides a more human and effect alternative. ITFC does this by placing only one foster child or youth in a specialized foster home. There, an individualized treatment program is developed for him/her and specially trained foster parents are carefully matched to support the child or youth 24/7.
Clinic-Based Services
Psychiatric Services
Psychological Evaluation