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--Doing Whatever It Takes--

*to protect the child's privacy we have changed their names


Team Bruce

Bruce C., 12 years old, was very scared and in rage with the whole world – feelings he had every right to after what life had put him through. Bruce and his younger five siblings were removed from their parents due to domestic violence and substance use. And to make matters worse all of the siblings were placed in different foster homes. Ettie Lee provided love and care for him at the Diamond L home for just about 2 months. During that time he opened up and felt comfortable enough to talk about his rage. Unfortunately his rage was out of control and his social worker determined that he would benefit from a higher level of care. We very much wanted to continue to work with him, but we could not provide the 24 hour one-on-one watch for him that he needed. Once Bruce was living in his new home, we received the ultimate feedback from his social worker who remarked that she would refer other clients to Ettie Lee.
 Team Mario

Mario G., age 17 reunified with his grandfather in July 2016. When Mario came to live with us at the Mt. Jurupa home in February 2016 he had a lengthy criminal history -- robbery, possession of ammunition, grand theft auto and drug use. He also had a history of running away from home and other group homes. He really struggled at first, but that was normal and understandable. He had to get adjusted, feel the warmth, the support and security he had with his “Team” before settling down and opening up. Within four months, he was on the right track.

The Team ( Probation Officer, Social Worker, Therapist, Child Care Worker, Rehab Specialist, Drug and Alcohol Counselor)
supported him as he improved at school, then he changed the way he dressed and presented himself – sharing that he wanted to change his look and style, and that he didn’t want to “run with hommies any more.” He made up his mind--he wanted to go back home to grandpa and volunteer in church, where he “could be with family and feel great.” Prior to going home he reminded us that he will never forget his “Ettie Lee” family. Was he perfect when he left? No, but when he cursed, he would catch himself, and with a smile, exclaim, “my bad, I guess I still need to work on language.” This is awareness! This is success! In his last Team meeting, Mario’s grandfather happily shared that he was happy and proud to have him back and remarked that he was certain that this time round, it is going to work!


"I was 17 years old and I didn't have enough credits to graduate high school on time when I came to the Ettie Lee group home in October. But all of the staff members really cared about me and encouraged me to get my high school diploma."
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James* 16, has been at the Fontana home for 4 years. Prior to this he had been placed in several foster homes after he was taken away from his mom who was unable to care for him.  Over the holidays, he was able to meet and visit his paternal grandmother in North Carolina.
Miguel* was not happy to be placed in a group home (Diamond L Ranch) and was very defiant and would proclaim his gang status loudly. After a while, he slowly began to relax into Ettie Lee’s rules and came to understand that even he had to follow them.  He still, however, was volatile and would fly into rage-full tantrums at the slightest provocation.
Erik* came into Ettie Lee’s Mt. Jurupa Home after completing a six month treatment program at Optimist Boys home. After graduating successfully from Optimist, Erik enrolled in The School of the Arts in Pomona. He recalled doing well for about a month but then going into “free fall.”

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Robert* came into placement at Ettie Lee Youth and Family Services in December of 2008, through LA County Probation, for stealing, property damage, and for truancy (to name a few). With his poor reading skills and his numerous truancies, Robert's grades suffered and his depression came out as anger and defiance.

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Brian* was 16 ½ when his family begged the judge to place their child in a treatment facility where his problem behaviors could be addressed on a daily basis. He arrived at our Mount Jurupa group home and was assessed as needing mental health and drug and alcohol services right away.