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Substance Use Disorder Services

    Youth can develop unhealthy coping strategies and addictive behaviors at a very young age. The ‘cycle of addiction’ can negatively affect all areas of their lives. Many of the youth we serve have multiple life problems or other mental health disorders in addition to their substance abuse. Consequently, caring, professional help is often needed to help them regain control and move forward with normal teen development.  Our  program is based on treatment approaches that have demonstrated positive results with such substance abusing teens.  Our staff is carefully selected and trained to demonstrate acceptance of each teen and  hold them accountable for changing. Teens aren’t responsible for being addicted,  but they are  responsible for their recovery.

Is My Teen Using Alcohol or Drugs?

Teens May Be Using When...

Problems at school-Truancy, Grades, Sleeping, Suspensions, Forged Notes

Problems at home-Chores, Curfew, AWOL, Missing Money or Liquor, Secretive, Violent

Emotional problems-Unexplained Mood Changes, Low Motivation, Reduced Memory, Depressed, Paranoid, Angry, Agitated

Physical problems-Weight, Hygiene, Injuries, Hangovers, Tremors, Chronic Cough, Red Eyes

Behavior and legal problems-Fights, Lying, Stealing, Tagging, Robbery , Assaults, Prostitution, Blaming Attitude

Things don’t add up? Consider Drugs.

Teens VERY Likely Using When...

Friends use drugs

Bored by drug information presentations

Clothing, etc., promotes drug use

Drugs, packaging, paraphernalia found

Smells of marijuana or alcohol

Denies when confronted with evidence

Refuses or delays drug tests

You feel used/manipulated, make excuses, fear for his/her safety

Note discrepancies between your teens words and their behavior.

If You Suspect Your Teen is Using

Discuss suspicions with a professional who can assess the situation and suggest next steps.

Don't be afraid to intervene. You are acting due to reasonable suspicions and concern. Handled properly, no harm is done if the symptoms you see are not due to substance abuse.

Entering Ettie Lee's Program
Youth come into the program through various routes. Some recognize that their substance use is out of control and seek help. Others are required to participate by courts or schools. Some are ready to begin recovery and follow the path to a better life. Others are resentful and angry because they feel forced into treatment. Such individuals have the opportunity to work through these feelings and benefit from program support and education as they discover a desire to recover. All youth who have a substance abuse problem are welcome in our program.

Ettie Lee's Program

We offer a comprehensive recovery program that assists teens to get sober and stay sober.

Treatment Models: Matrix; Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Substance Use Disorders; Seeking Safety

Treatment Focus: Drug and Health Education; Social and Mental Health Development; Family Life Skills; AA/NA

Treatment Length: 6 to 12 Months

Staff: Certified/Registered Alcohol and Drug Counselors and Licensed/Registered Marriage and Family Therapists

Afterschool Teen Program - Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment for Youth ages 12 to 20.

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Counseling
  • Evidence Based and State Certified
  • On-Site Psychiatrist
  • Group, Individual and Family
  • Drug Testing
  • Next Day Appointments
  • Pick Up and Drop Off Service
  • Drug Medi-Cal
  • COA Accredited
  • Severe Emotional and Behavioral Problems
amily Services  P.O. Box 339  5146 N. Maine Ave.  Baldwin Park, CA 91706